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    Preservation Department digitizes important content regarding South Africa and Apartheid

The Manuscripts & Archives collection of 2400 videotapes from the television program South Africa Now has been digitized. Because of its position operating outside the control of the South African authorities, South Africa Now was able to capture a unique view of the cultural richness of the region during the apartheid era. An enhanced online finding aid will be available in December 2012 and will provide more detailed descriptions of the individual episodes. Read more...
    Flash flooding affects library collections; quick action minimizes damage

On Friday, August 10, New Haven received 2 inches of rain in 45 minutes. Coinciding with high tide, New Haven was quickly overwhelmed with flooded streets and parking garages, and overflowing storm drains. Quick action and effective emergency preparations on the part of the Library's preservation staff prevented significant damage to the collections, although approximately 300 books had to be sent away to be vacuum freeze–dried. Read more...
    Conservation creates teaching tools
for the budding medievalist:
Traveling Scriptorium

Through a series of outreach projects and collaborations with curators, faculty, and other conservators on campus, Yale University Library's Conservation Services, using its expertise in the areas of book history, materials and techniques, and scientific testing, has reintroduced itself to the campus and community as a partner in promoting teaching and enhancing learning through the study of objects. Reintroducing conservation as a discipline was an opportunity that culminated in the creation of the Library's first material culture teaching kit, the Traveling Scriptorium. Read more...
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