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    Traveling Scriptorium Blog Reaches 10,000 Visits Milestone!

On April 11, visits to the Library's Traveling Scriptorium topped 10,000. In addition to hitting this milestone, a recent blog post, authored by Paper and Photograph Conservator Marie-France Lemay, was featured as an external link on the Wikipedia entry for iron gall ink.

The Scriptorium's blog on WordPress was created as a companion to a medieval manuscripts material culture kit. The kit and blog are the result of a partnership between the library conservators and curators, and university faculty. Since its debut in the fall, the physical kit has been used in 6 class sessions, both graduate and undergraduate, and one library-sponsored study break. While the kit is no real match for Chipotle burritos, a number of Silliman students expressed a genuine interest in the kit and promised to visit the Beinecke to look at the primary sources modeled in the Scriptorium.

Image caption: These growths, called gall nuts, are the result of an oak tree's response to an insect infestation. Galls were collected from the trees and used to make ink.
    Chief Conservator to Give Talk About Preserving Family Collections

On May 11, 2013, Chief Conservator Christine McCarthy will speak at the Bristol Historical Society in Bristol, Connecticut on preserving personal collections. Her talk will focus on the steps individuals can take to protect (and still enjoy) their unique and treasured family documents, photographs, scrapbooks, and others collectibles. Christine has previously given this talk for the Polish Genealogical Society, the New Haven Public Library, and the Meriden Public Library. The event is free and open to the public. Read more...
    Preservation Librarian Assists Artists in Response to Hurricane Sandy

This past December, Preservation Services Librarian Tara Kennedy worked as the hotline manager and response volunteer with the American Institute for Conservation's Collections Emergency Response Team (AIC-CERT). AIC-CERT is a group of conservators and other collections-related specialists who volunteer to respond to disasters affecting collections. This team of "rapid responders" has been trained in assessing damage, disaster response techniques, and health and safety protocol.

December was an especially busy month with the arrival of Superstorm Sandy at the end of October. The disaster recovery need was so great in the New York City area that the Foundation for the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) opened the Cultural Recovery Center (CRC) on December 10, and began providing services to its first artist on December 13. Kennedy assisted with initial examination and mold removal for works of art on paper during the early stages of the CRC's opening. Click here for more information about AIC-CERT and the Cultural Recovery Center.
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